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Marisol Gomez #venturehive

Content Director. Marisol focuses on the generation and management of Venture Hive programs’ content. She has more than a decade of experience in project management and business development roles in the private and non for profit sectors in Latin America and the UK.
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Susan Amat

Volen Tsolov

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Past Presenters

Solvetta LLC


Solvetta LLC is the designer and manufacturer of the 2013 International Housewares Show's Innovation Award Winner FlatBox-LunchBox. The FlatBox-LunchBox is a fully washable lunchbox that easily converts to a placemat, protecting users from germs and bacteria lurking on unclean surfaces. The FlaBox-LunchBox allows users to have a clean surface with each dining no matter where they are. Perfect for children, adults, and anyone with food allergies.

TROBO is an educational toy - a robot storyteller who gets young kids excited about Science, Technology and Engineering through engaging, interactive stories.

Jurnid, storytellers on demand. A platform where you can source freelance journalists as content writers and storytellers. Jurnid fosters a social publishing environment that is collaborative amongst entrepreneurial journalists, businesses, and journalism students.



Predictive Analytics solution for Marketing with mathematical precision. Our product helps companies to identify potential customers hidden in Twitter data, improving their customer acquisition process.

Aqua Elite Events


Aqua Elite Events is Miami’s premier luxury rentals company. We specialize in providing a “One of a Kind Sailing Experience” with an unmatched variety of luxury rentals for all kinds of celebrations with unparalleled service. We are a company of hospitality professionals with over 15 years of combined luxury rental experience and have over 100 vessels, exotic cars, and vacation rentals available for your special getaway.

Toonari is a Cyber & Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Agency focused on private, corporate, and public security in conjunction with investigative predictive research. Using a proprietary technology guided by artificial intelligence (affectionately called Tomoko), Toonari has developed a thorough research-analyze-report technique that yields an early warning system for notification and prevention of potentially dangerous situations for clients and provides unique, difficult to find investigative results.

Twelve Labs


At Twelve Labs we know that a lot of the world thinks that the current news, finance and business technologies are monotonous beasts. For us, its just not good enough. As a result, we at Twelve Labs want to make your everyday life just that little bit easier though tailor-made news, finance and business technologies.

Employee social recognition platform using a SaaS model that make HR affordable to small business

User Experience Research and Design, Inc


User Experience Research and Design (UXRD) is a UX services company that specializes in creating user experience design for startups, entrepreneurs, and global organizations. We are launching our own UX toolkit to fill the current gaps in UX research.

Flat Out of Heels


High heels are sexy but they HURT! Flat Out of Heels are the most convenient way to relieve stiletto sore feet. Flat Out rollable flats are compact, comfortable, durable and perfect for emergency use and daily wear. Flat Outs can be purchased online, in 40 stores internationally and in vending machines conveniently placed where women need relief most - airports, nightclubs, convention centers, and transit stations. Our flats have been endorsed and worn by countless celebrities and influencers.

Wayback Apparel


Choose Digital


Choose Digital was founded in early 2011 by Mario Cruz (Co-founder & CTO), and Stephen Humphreys (Co-founder & CEO). Our objective is to build a class leading supply chain solution for the incentive & loyalty industry offering digital content (movies, TV shows, music, eBooks, audiobooks, etc.) as a point redemption option for loyalty, incentive, frequent flyer and retail programs.



Education is now global, student financing isn't. Quotanda is changing that. Quotanda is focused on democratizing education. The company provides technology and financing solutions for international students and schools. Quotanda's financing capabilities range from traditional loan programs to retail installment contracts / extended payment plans.

Fish Indie


The one-click ad-network that eliminates the hassle of ad creation and management for Etsy sellers and small businesses.



Snapscore is a professional assessment and development platform. Similar to how banks use a FICO score to measure creditworthiness, companies and individuals use Snapscore to measure professional merit. We provide free and premium services that enable individuals to map out and accelerate their careers. The platform encourages improvement through social interaction and gamification, making career development a more enjoyable and rewarding process.

SWOL's Passion Engagement Platform (PEP) will change the way soccer fans, players and teams interact in what has traditionally been a one-sided conversation in a huge but under-served fan market. SWOL is leveraging it’s fast growing online community of 800,000 plus international soccer fans built around user generated original content to launch, Fury 90, a unique mobile fantasy gaming experience.



LearnerNation - a cloud-based educational learning platform featuring patent-pending technology focused on corporate training and onboarding based in Miami - with offices in Miami (HQ), Atlanta, Irvine and Hong Kong. LearnerNation's unique adaptive learning approach, with millennials as a primary audience focus, has grown rapidly to now serve approximately 85,000 users monthly in four (4) languages across over 2300 state, local and private organizations - including Fortune 500 clients such as LG, MasterCard, Riot Games and Celebrity Cruise Lines.



Waleteros is a mobile wallet targeting US Latino consumers. Waleteros enables underbanked and unbanked consumers to cash checks, pay bills, send money internationally and receive small loans using their mobile phones. Anywhere, anytime

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